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Welcome Prof. Eric Schindelholz to Fontana Corrosion Center!


Today we welcome Prof. Eric Schindelholz to join our big family of the Fontana Corrosion Center! 

Prior to joining us, Dr. Schindelholz was a Principal Staff Scientist at Sandia National Labs, while also holding a position as the Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of New Mexico.

He earned his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Virginia (2014), a Master's in Materials Conservation from Queen’s University (Canada, 2004), and a Bachelor's in Chemistry/Archaeology from University of Minnesota (2001). 

He brings an expertise in understanding:

  • The relationship between the processing, structure, and corrosion performance of metals
  • Corrosion cracking of nucleation fuel storage containers
  • The development of thin film barriers to corrosion
  • Corrosion of photovoltaics


Dr. Schindelholz has numerous collaborations with federal agencies and academic institutions across the US. His diverse professional experience includes conservation activities with the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Mariners Museum. The addition of Dr. Schindelholz strengthens and expands the activities of the Fontana Corrosion Center – the leading academic center in the corrosion of metallic materials. He has interests in additive manufacturing and the degradative aspects associated with materials produced by this new manufacturing method.