Welcome Kane to FCC!


Seong-Ung Koh

FCC welcomes Dr. Seong-Ung Koh (Kane) for joining the group as a visiting researcher! You can see his education and research history below.  



B. S. 2000 Materials Science & Engineering, Hanynag Univ. Seoul, Korea 

M. S. 2002 Materials Science & Engineering, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea 

Ph. D. 2007 Materials Science & Engineering, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea 


Research Activity 

2000-2002 A Study on the Effect of Alloying Elements and Role of Hydrogen on Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking of Linepipe Steels (M. S.) 

2002-2007 Effect of Metallurgical Parameters on Hydrogen Degradation of Linepipe Steels (Ph. D.) 

Corrosion of Dust Collector/Dew Point Corrosion of Exhaust Pipes (Ind. PJT) 

2007-Present (Principal Senior Researcher, POSCO) 

Linepipe Steels for Sour Service, Prevention & Detection of Hard Spots, Steels for Hydrogen Storage & Transportation (Present) 

Corrosion/Wear Resistant Steels for Pressure Vessels, Shipbuildings & Oil Sand Slurry Pipes