Schedule Season 3


Schedule of Season 3 CorroZoom Speakers





1 Dec 2022

Robert G. Kelly, University of Virginia

Localized Corrosion Under Atmospheric Conditions: Insights from Modeling and Experiment

23 Jan 2023

V. S. Raja, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Development of High Strength and Environmentally Assisted Cracking Resistant Aluminum Alloys: Metallurgical and Electrochemical Aspects
2 March 2023 Roger Newman, University of Toronto

The Effect of Alloy Composition on Molten Salt Corrosion- Dealloying, but not as We Know It

27 March 2023 Chaofang Dong,
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Integrated Multiscale Modeling and Prediction of Corrosion
26 April 2023 Kevin Ogle, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, PSL University in Paris, France Element-resolved Electrochemistry and Its Application to Aqueous Corrosion
31 May 2023 Rebecca Schaller, Sandia National Laboratories Pitting and Cracking of Stainless Steel Relevant to Dry Storage Casks for Spent Nuclear Fuel

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