Schedule Season 1


Schedule of Season 1 CorroZoom Speakers





18 Jan 2021

Philippe Marcus, CNRS, Chimie ParisTech

Characterization of Surface Oxidation, Passivation and Corrosion Processes at the Nanoscale

24 Feb 2021

Nick Birbilis, Australian National University

Corrosion of Additive Manufactured Materials

12 Mar 2021

John Scully, University of Virginia

Corrosion and Passivation of Multi Principal Element Alloys in Aqueous Solutions

9 Apr 2021

Gerald Frankel, Ohio State University

A Framework for Pitting Corrosion Based on Pit Growth Stability

20 May 2021

Sanna Virtanen, University of Erlangen

Respirometric Measurements of Corrosion Processes

9 Jun 2021

Anton Kokalj, Jožef Stefan Institute

Molecular Modeling of Corrosion Inhibitors