Congratulations to Dr. Jenifer Locke, a recipient of ONR's 2016 Young Investigator Award

Posted: March 7, 2017

Dr. Jenifer Locke is working on a systematic study of the effect of sensitization on the corrosion fatigue of aluminum-magnesium alloys used in several naval applications. Her current research is being conducted with the support of a Young Investigator Program award, granted in 2016 by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Locke’s investigation of corrosion fatigue is significant because naval structures experience fatigue loading while they are deployed in a seawater environment. “As such, understanding and quantifying the effect of crack tip corrosion on the incidence of corrosion fatigue affecting sensitized aluminum-magnesium alloys is critical to predicting the performance of these alloys while they are in-service,” Locke explained.

The ONR Young Investigator Program that has recognized Locke’s achievements is designed to attract outstanding university faculty members to the Department of the Navy’s research program. Through the program, ONR hopes to support the research of award recipients, while also helping advance their teaching and research careers.



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